New Quartz Series – Onyx Collections

It is my honor to announce our new quartz series, onyx collections. After numerous experiment, we finally got the chance to show our latest quartz surface products. One of our corporate statement is to be one of the best in the industry, carrying this statement into quartz production line is one spotlight always ahead of our company.

When people start fabricating basic one color quartz surface, we have step to two colors selection; when people start duplicating our two color sections, we leap from ordinary to multiple pattern collections; and now, we lead the trend again.

Our new six onyx style quartz surface collections stands for 6 different major colors, from white to black, from yellow to pink, and then from grey to green. Due to variable property of quartz nature, there are more colors available through our custom made approach.

For inquire regarding our regular quartz products, please feel free to contact us. If you need special custom made colors, please provide similar pattern for color matching.