Kashmir White Project 1

Kashmir White is a famous granite color originally founded in India. There are also other similar names for Kashmir White, including Cashmere White, Cashmire White, Bianco Kashmere White, Kashmere White, WG204, and other similar various spellings.

Since the beginning of 2012,KASHMIR WHITE BLOCK - 1019 because of political and other issues, the quarry for Kashmir White has been suspended. There are only few available materials exported from India to China since July of 2012. In China, the status of Kashmir White hasn’t been updated till end of 2012, when most materials have been acquired by Deyuan’s. In the beginning of 2012, based on our long term relationship with quarry exporter and local seller, we have noticed the unusual supply of Kashmir White. After that, we have start purchasing all available materials from the market.

This featured project is confirmed rapidly after we proved all available blocks.  This Kashmir White project is for job site in  U.S.A. There are Kashmir White Kitchen Countertops, Kitchen Island and Vanity Tops for this project. For colors have vein or very clear direction of patterns, it is very critical to match colors and other details. For this project, it is more important on how to managing the materials since the material is current unavailable. Any mistakes happened during fabrication would cause disaster on final project accomplishment. Finally, after few weeks of cut to size fabrication, we loaded all crates within our factory and delivered them to our client in U.S.A.

Below are some cut to size fabrication and packing photos, because photos were taken during different fabrication period, colors might be inconsistent on final photos even they are the same and within acceptable range:

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