Attend Coverings 2013

Coverings 2013 (2)In the year of 2013, it is the fourth year that Deyuan’s attend the exhibition show of Coverings. The topic for this year is the “Mix Beauty between Granite & Quartz”.

Since last century, the most frequency choice of designer for countertops and vanity tops would be nature stone, especially granite. Currently, there are already several class of granite for countertops and vanity tops. The high end products Xiamen FOB prices would mostly between $10.0/sq.ft. to $20.0/sq.ft or even $30.0/sq.ft. Low end class would be around $3.0/sq.ft. The variety choices of granite in one degree make other materials hard to compete. As the most important section of Deyuan’s, granite is right now still the first choice for countertops and vanity tops. As the top countertops and vanity tops supplier in China, we see very clear differences choices between different projects. The granite products we display in this year’s show is called Blue Leopard, which is a Chinese domestic color. This color used to be very popular 5 years ago. Now, it seems more designers have their preferences to this color.

There are so many different choices of materials for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. Years ago, there were acrylic tops and laminate tops, and now the trend is quartz. There are people consider quartz is another pop materials that will exist for slightly few years. However, as a supplier of cut-to-size quartz and quartz slabs, the extremely increasing of quote from quartz is in another way showing the great demand of quartz. When quartz first become popular, it is not from project, it is from regular single family. In the way, there are great opportunities for quartz suppliers to provide hundreds of color choices. The quartz color we carry with is pure white quartz. There is a technique requirement for quartz products. You need to have the right mix of different materials. Your products need to have SGS certify and such. After 3 years experiences in quartz industry, we proudly to announce our quartz cut-to-size fabrication line that can meet all of your expectations.

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