China Green Project 1

China Green Project is a project Deyuan’s finished recently. This project is for a multi-family project but without regular islands. Most kitchen countertop width for China Green Project is around 25″. Only few units come with bar tops.

Original China GreenChina Green is also known as Tunas Green. This color used to be very popular around year of 2000 in U.S.A market. The original color of China Green is from Sichuan Province, China (see photo on left side). Since the quarry of original China Green has been closed for many years, all colors for China Green are colors from replacement quarries. The physical property of China Green, including both original and new colors, is very to get oxidized. It would only take one month for this color to start getting yellow. Most China Green after 2 years will turn into very specific yellow granite pattern.

As mentioned before, since this color will be different after sometime. It took a while before final confirm the color. There are some shipments of samples before final order signed. For colors that will have dramatic changes after a period of time, we all need to confirm colors before final mass production. It is also crutial to know that for some colors from China, you need to analyze the color not only by its own surface color, but also by its different pattern.

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